Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product Photography... So Far

NOTE: Sorry the photos are so small, I was having some trouble with Blogger this week. Enjoy!

I have now been working as a product photographer full time for almost a month. I’ve come to find that it’s kind of a strange job. Especially when you don’t have an assistant. I want to take a web cam and record my day. Truly reveal the strangeness, and absolute tediousness of this job.

I fight with cloth, products, and mannequins. One of which is almost twice my size. From an outside perspective it would be hilarious to watch… Oh also while I work on the computer, if it’s more then ten minuets, the light goes off and I have to get up and move to the center of the room to turn the light back on. I’ve almost killed myself a couple times stumbling over things in the dark.

(My partner in crime: Rusty. He’s a little stiff, a quiet guy, and fairly difficult to work with. But some times you have to work with people you don’t really care for.)

One part of this job I really enjoy is learning about products and gear that is out there on the market. I found out there is a product you can buy to keep your toilet paper dry on a camping trip. (The things people come up with. Genius.) Roughing it these days isn’t quite what it used to be.

Along with learning about products I usually have to understand how they work and how they are put together. Then, I proceed to put it together myself, make it looks better then it is, take it apart, and here’s the best part put it all back in the box the same way I got it out.

Yeah, that’s a five-person tent. I put it up myself thank you very much.

I also find myself coordinating strange setups with a friend of mine who works in Marketing when I get frustrated.

But, enough about work, on to something else I wanted to talk about.

About a week or two ago I started reading a great book, Dark Water by Robert Clark. I had seen the book in Barns but me being me, went to the library to find it instead. This book takes you through the history of Florence, Firenze, its art, and the artists and writers who have flocked to the city. It takes you through this history in an interesting way. Clark tracks time through the travesties of Firenze, mostly the flooding of the Arno River. Because of this Clark can go into the history of how pieces of art were saved, forgotten, restored, found again, and recovered.

I’m only on page 115 of 324 but I have, so far, found it enjoyable and interesting. I recommend you pick up this book as well. I’ll give you a full reflection on it when I’m finished.

Now, in regards to my own art work. I’ve been drawing a bit more the last two weeks then taking photos. But, I have developed another roll of film. No prints have been made yet from the roll but I did scan some of the negatives. I forgot to transfer the files to my computer so they will be for the next post.

Speaking of, my next post with either be a week early or a week late. I have a good friend coming to visit next week and so will be out having fun instead of focusing on this blog and my art. I might have some photos from her visit; along with Salt Lake’s Pride Festival this week. Should be a good time, and hopefully I’ll get some good shots.

Also coming up will be a write up about Salt Lake’s June Gallery Stroll, and I will also be taking a trip to the Sun Tunnels the weekend just before the Solstice. I look forward to sharing these things with the small amount of people who read this blog.

Have a lovely week all, go and enjoy some great spring/summer weather!

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