Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Medium

To unwind and have a little fun a friend of mine and I went to the Led Zeppelin laser-light show. As psychedelic and perhaps hipster- retro of me it might be, I loved it.

I had gone to the Pink Floyd show for New Years and it was a fun time. But this time it was different. I looked at the show in a completely different way. I looked at it as an art medium.

Okay, at first it might sound cheesy and stupid, but think about it.

You are sitting in a dark theater, the screen curved around you as well as above you. You are also completely surrounded with music, light, movement, and texture… Sounds like a moving painting. The show is an entire environment created to be experienced!

I think if someone was to create a show of this kind in the right way, it could have a truly artistic and beautiful aesthetic. You’re in someone else’s mind. I would enjoy creating a show based on a music album. I would do it keeping these aspects in mind: environment, line, color, texture, composition, movement, and light.

I already experience and almost see music as a colorful and moving environment. This laser-light show, it’s Kandinsky + technology. I LOVE it!

My album of choice Odd Blood by Yeasayer.

I’m not crazy am I? I want some feed back on this people, what do you think? And if you could make a show from an album, what album would it be?

Along with contemplating a new medium I’ve been playing with my usual one. I find when I’m upset with something in my life I make some really good photos.

An old friend of mine and I took our favorite cameras down to the Salt Lake Peace Gardens. I shot a roll of black and white 35mm and a roll of Velvia from my Holga. (The latter roll has yet to be developed, Borge Anderson will be seeing me soon.)

The 35mm roll came out great. I will hopefully be getting my butt in gear and putting together a portfolio soon. I want to see how far I can take this series I just seemed to have started.

Here are two of probably five images that I will be putting into this body of work from that roll.

Lastly I was surfing the web tubes and found a cool little blog by a local photographer:

Check it out my friends.

Have a lovely couple weeks. Next time I will have more photos and perhaps I’ll go check out the Salt Lake Gallery stroll and tell you all about my experience.

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