Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product Photography... So Far

NOTE: Sorry the photos are so small, I was having some trouble with Blogger this week. Enjoy!

I have now been working as a product photographer full time for almost a month. I’ve come to find that it’s kind of a strange job. Especially when you don’t have an assistant. I want to take a web cam and record my day. Truly reveal the strangeness, and absolute tediousness of this job.

I fight with cloth, products, and mannequins. One of which is almost twice my size. From an outside perspective it would be hilarious to watch… Oh also while I work on the computer, if it’s more then ten minuets, the light goes off and I have to get up and move to the center of the room to turn the light back on. I’ve almost killed myself a couple times stumbling over things in the dark.

(My partner in crime: Rusty. He’s a little stiff, a quiet guy, and fairly difficult to work with. But some times you have to work with people you don’t really care for.)

One part of this job I really enjoy is learning about products and gear that is out there on the market. I found out there is a product you can buy to keep your toilet paper dry on a camping trip. (The things people come up with. Genius.) Roughing it these days isn’t quite what it used to be.

Along with learning about products I usually have to understand how they work and how they are put together. Then, I proceed to put it together myself, make it looks better then it is, take it apart, and here’s the best part put it all back in the box the same way I got it out.

Yeah, that’s a five-person tent. I put it up myself thank you very much.

I also find myself coordinating strange setups with a friend of mine who works in Marketing when I get frustrated.

But, enough about work, on to something else I wanted to talk about.

About a week or two ago I started reading a great book, Dark Water by Robert Clark. I had seen the book in Barns but me being me, went to the library to find it instead. This book takes you through the history of Florence, Firenze, its art, and the artists and writers who have flocked to the city. It takes you through this history in an interesting way. Clark tracks time through the travesties of Firenze, mostly the flooding of the Arno River. Because of this Clark can go into the history of how pieces of art were saved, forgotten, restored, found again, and recovered.

I’m only on page 115 of 324 but I have, so far, found it enjoyable and interesting. I recommend you pick up this book as well. I’ll give you a full reflection on it when I’m finished.

Now, in regards to my own art work. I’ve been drawing a bit more the last two weeks then taking photos. But, I have developed another roll of film. No prints have been made yet from the roll but I did scan some of the negatives. I forgot to transfer the files to my computer so they will be for the next post.

Speaking of, my next post with either be a week early or a week late. I have a good friend coming to visit next week and so will be out having fun instead of focusing on this blog and my art. I might have some photos from her visit; along with Salt Lake’s Pride Festival this week. Should be a good time, and hopefully I’ll get some good shots.

Also coming up will be a write up about Salt Lake’s June Gallery Stroll, and I will also be taking a trip to the Sun Tunnels the weekend just before the Solstice. I look forward to sharing these things with the small amount of people who read this blog.

Have a lovely week all, go and enjoy some great spring/summer weather!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Medium

To unwind and have a little fun a friend of mine and I went to the Led Zeppelin laser-light show. As psychedelic and perhaps hipster- retro of me it might be, I loved it.

I had gone to the Pink Floyd show for New Years and it was a fun time. But this time it was different. I looked at the show in a completely different way. I looked at it as an art medium.

Okay, at first it might sound cheesy and stupid, but think about it.

You are sitting in a dark theater, the screen curved around you as well as above you. You are also completely surrounded with music, light, movement, and texture… Sounds like a moving painting. The show is an entire environment created to be experienced!

I think if someone was to create a show of this kind in the right way, it could have a truly artistic and beautiful aesthetic. You’re in someone else’s mind. I would enjoy creating a show based on a music album. I would do it keeping these aspects in mind: environment, line, color, texture, composition, movement, and light.

I already experience and almost see music as a colorful and moving environment. This laser-light show, it’s Kandinsky + technology. I LOVE it!

My album of choice Odd Blood by Yeasayer.

I’m not crazy am I? I want some feed back on this people, what do you think? And if you could make a show from an album, what album would it be?

Along with contemplating a new medium I’ve been playing with my usual one. I find when I’m upset with something in my life I make some really good photos.

An old friend of mine and I took our favorite cameras down to the Salt Lake Peace Gardens. I shot a roll of black and white 35mm and a roll of Velvia from my Holga. (The latter roll has yet to be developed, Borge Anderson will be seeing me soon.)

The 35mm roll came out great. I will hopefully be getting my butt in gear and putting together a portfolio soon. I want to see how far I can take this series I just seemed to have started.

Here are two of probably five images that I will be putting into this body of work from that roll.

Lastly I was surfing the web tubes and found a cool little blog by a local photographer:

Check it out my friends.

Have a lovely couple weeks. Next time I will have more photos and perhaps I’ll go check out the Salt Lake Gallery stroll and tell you all about my experience.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hello all. Long time, no blog, mostly because there was nothing to blog about. Life got a little dark there for a while. Well, dark in the area where my job is concerned. I’ll catch you all up and let you know what edge of the earth I fell off of.

I know everyone is saying how bad the economy is. But as a “real” person I don’t know the economy any other way. I hope that makes sense. You have to remember, I barely graduated college and joined the “real” world. Also, keep in mind I have some high expectations for myself.

Finding myself a gallery job, Scanlan’s Gallery in Park City, UT, before I graduated lived up to my expectation. The gallery closing less then three months later, needless to say, did not.

I took the time off and freaked out a little and had some fun.

Between July and September: spent hours doing nothing with friends, stayed away from an awful roommate, traveled to Moab a few times, and drank a lot of beer and wine. Luckily I was able to do this with out too much stress. I had some savings and a cheep place to stay.

Through out that time I was also looking for a job. It was the first time in my life I wasn’t doing anything and did not know what I would be doing in the future. That, my dear readers, is scary for me. I learned how much I enjoy having something to work towards. (I miss college!)

After several months of begging every gallery I could find to give me any job they had for me, I started going truly crazy. The result was a serving job. (Would you like hash browns or tomatoes? Cream, for your coffee sir?) The third restaurant I went to hired me. God was that a mistake.

The restaurant is part of a four to five restaurant local “chain.” The company is called Gastronomy, and the restaurant Market Street Grill. I worked at the down town location. At first I had a blast. Later, I found all the faults Gastronomy has. Mostly in regards to how their employees are treated. But all of that is for a much different blog.

On a side note, I have always heard my friends and mother saying everyone should work in a restaurant at some point in their life… I whole-heartedly agree! You’ll be a much better humored person. And a better customer at the least… Maybe don’t work at a Gastronomy restaurant, but I supposed it could have been much worse.

As I was mulling over how much I hated my job in my tiny basement studio I had an amazing friend looking out for me. One day I got a call from her telling me her boss has been trying to replace their product photographer. She gave him my name and I sent my resume and portfolio within a hand full of hours.

Lucky me, I worked part time for them for about a month. Their then photographer and I had a more-or-less shootout for the month. I won! I am now the product photographer of a sporting/hunting/camping nation wide company.

Almost a year later and I have a bigger apartment, a new job. My how times change. I never thought I would be a product photographer, especially for a nationwide store. But here I am. Pretty cool. I’m excited to see what happens next.

There, I’m now back on the earth again.

I thought I would reignite this blog to talk about my current job, keep me focused on my own art on the side, as well as keep an eye on the future. My goal is to update this blog about twice a month.

I want to keep the focus to my ongoing work at my current job, new information on art (mine and others), and anything else I can find on art and arts administration which I find interesting. The challenging part: I don’t have Internet at my place. This should be a fun challenge for me.

In two weeks I have some goals: to have one new piece of my own work to add to a portfolio, some interesting news about local art, and perhaps something cool to share from the web about arts administration.

I’ll see you all again in two weeks!