Saturday, January 30, 2010

Arts Administration

I have had one problem with the Arts Administration program at Westminster so far and sadly I won't be able to enjoy the change that looks to be coming. A classmate and I are creating a curriculum for a cap-stone class for the program.

The program will have the Art Administration students coordinate with the art students, bring in guests speakers, and take the students to real life organizations to see how the art business is run. The big goal is to take our scattering of knowledge and bring it all together in a hands on type of class.

I think my favorite part about the class is the fact that students will be able to use the knowledge they have gained from their art, business and communications classes together to be able to coordinate and put together art shows, festivals and perhaps auctions. All of this while also reaching out to the art community in Salt Lake City and bringing that community back on to Westminster's campus.

I spoke with the provost of Westminster at an event I was photographing. I talked with him about the possibilities of this class. He seemed pretty interested, enough to ask me to send him a copy of the report once it's completed for class. I'm pretty excited about what this could turn into. I know that future students have much to gain from this new curriculum.

Plus, it's something if successful, which could look great for my resume. It looks like there are no negatives to creating this class, I'm excited to get started!

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