Monday, January 18, 2010

Taking Life in a New Direction

I have less then six months until I graduate. There are so many doors open to me, I just need to find the opportunities that are right for me.

I could stay here in Salt Lake City, move onto a new state, an old state. I can work in a museum, write for art magazines, a non-profit, or go back to a gallery. My internship with Susan Meyer at the Meyer Gallery here in Salt Lake City was so enjoyable that I believe that this is what I want. I just have to find the gallery which is right for me and that wants me.

There is another path entirely which I could go down; I could take a year and go to Yosemite, work and climb for a year. In the winter I could be a lifty. Especially since this winter I have only gone boarding once and will probably only go once more. (That's all that I will be able to afford) It would be just plain fun.

Or last but not least, I could go back to school. Hummm, maybe not, at least not right now. I think I'm schooled out.

I've been doing homework and looking for potential future jobs all day long. It's so exciting what opportunities I have open to me. Oh Arts Administration. So much I can do, it's kind of scary, I won't lie.

I've found some hopeful prospects. I also found a few cool little twitter things and a neat little blog. Go ahead and check it out:

I believe that he even talks about good old Park City in one of his posts.

Well I believe that is all for now. Tomorrow it's back to the photo lab, and Composition and Design class.

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