Thursday, January 21, 2010

Works in Process

Life has been busy with "Grown-up Stuff" which I need to get done. I have paper work, bills, maintenance orders and the like.

I have to call my insurance and the physical therapy place that I've been going to to find out why I was billed instead of my insurance. This seems to happen quite often. It could be because I have 2 last names and for some reason my father doesn't know that it is not hyphenated and that is what is on my card. Oh well.

I'm also trying to help Westminster create a cap stone class for the Arts Administration Program here. I know I will not get the benefit of it (except for maybe my resume) but I know future students will get something great from it. Here at Westminster College the Arts Admin. program is a great splattering of knowledge between business, communications and art, but we don't have a class which brings it all together. I'm trying to fix that, I've talked to Nina Vought, the head of the program. I've also talked to the small amount of the Art Admin students here to see what they would like. What I've heard so far sounds pretty consistent, some sort of portfolio type class with guest speakers and an understanding of how art businesses work.

I've been following this cool little blog:
He also has a twitter as Theartfulmanager. He has some really cool little posts. I've also started to follow some galleries around the southern California area. I'm crossing my fingers for a job. As soon as I revamp my resume this weekend I will be sending e-mails like crazy! I'll hopefully also be able to do some research about galleries around the area I'm going for spring break this weekend.

The darkroom in the photo lab has flooded a couple times this last couple weeks. I asked the campus maintenance to replace the drain pipe because the chemicals have finally eaten away at the metal to the point of major leakage.

I need to contact the U and ask if we can recycle our chemicals with theirs. We're just so small here at Westminster that no one recycles that kind of thing.

In other news, the Reel Griffins are about to finish a script, create a short video for a group on campus and start another scrip for an animated short. Miss Mae has been to busy to work with the Griffins so I've kind of had to take more charge of the group then usual. It's kind of nice and so far it has been going fairly well. If nothing else we've been productive thus far.

I'm also trying to work on my photography more, especially since the student show is coming up. Work is due the 26th of February I believe. I have been working on some self portraiture. I'm playing with the idea of how you make the viewer truly understand that these images are from your eyes and view of the world and combining it with the idea of self and discovery of the self. I just wish I had the money to fix my beautiful A1, oh how I miss it. I guess for now my digital will have to safice. I just want to make the most of the darkroom since it's my last semester. Though, I'm kind of excited about bringing my photography into color any how.

I probably post some photos once I get working on it.

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