Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big News

I am now officially employed! Yes my friends, Erin Carr works in a gallery. I have a job in the field that I spent four years learning. I think it's pretty cool.

I had an interview about a month ago with Deborah Flamish of Scanlan Windows to the World. She didn't hire me because I didn't have enough sales experience but the interview went so well she told me she would give my resume to a gallery down the street. One which she has close connections with.

In my quest to get in touch with the gallery during Park City's mud season I continued to stay in touch with Deborah. One day that I called there was a pause on the other end and suddenly she says, "Let me call you back, I'm going to do some math. I think I can give you a position." About half an hour later Deborah called back asking when I could start.

I have worked there for a week or two now. I really enjoy it, the people, what I'm learning, the location, it's a great place for me to be right now. I wrote up two estimates last week, so hopefully I will make my first two sales some time soon.

I'm excited to learn.

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