Friday, May 21, 2010

The First Few Weeks

A few things I've learned so far:

Quickbooks - This program is a lot simpler then I would have thought. I can do a number of things through the program now. I can (and have) write estimates, receipts, and invoices.

Working on Main Street can be dangerous - There are many great restaurants, shops, and bars on the street. Every time I walk to my car, "Ohhh, that's cute. When I get paid... No! Must, save, money!"

I still need to learn more about sales, how to get someone more interested in what they are looking at. I guess that will come with more experience. I hope.

I've written a handful of estimates for pieces. I suppose I just need to continue to follow up with them. I keep crossing my fingers for a responds to my calls, or emails. Anything. The assistant director, Kelly, is a marvel. People are always calling her back. I hope I just have to give it time, and to learn more. I have been trying to watch her carefully

I have luckily had the opportunity to show off my small amount of experience with InDesign. I created their Father’s Day promotion email. It’s nice to be able to do something for the gallery that no one else really has the know how to do. We all have our own strengths and talents. It’s nice to be valuable to the gallery.

The director Deborah, when it’s slow, sends me to the other galleries on the street. It’s nice that she wants us to know what else is going on in the community. I’ve been to many of the galleries before but I always love seeing what they have this month. I’ve been to: The Phoenix Gallery, Nature’s Images, and the Kimble Art Center.

I love the pieces the Phoenix has. They are all so textural. There are some really great pieces in there. I suggest you check them out sometime. Also, while you are on Main St, come visit me at Scanlan Windows to the World.

I hope to see you soon, here is to the future!

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  1. It's a great that your job is going so well. One thing that might help with the sales is talking to sales people. Like the car guys you know. They must have some advice.

    All I can think of is Ben telling me the importance of building a relationship with someone before asking them for money.

    Good luck selling!