Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for work, working for art

Looking for Work
My big plan to look for work last weekend did not go as planned. Computers and snow, AKA the Universe, were against me.

My big plan was to finish the last edit of my resume grab my list of Park City, UT galleries and drive up the hill. Saturday did not go as smoothly as that. My computer was moving slower then as if I was on dial-up, and word was not letting me format the way I wanted; and so I decided to run to campus and finish it. This was fine with me, I decided to use InDesign instead of Word.
However, the computers on campus had apparently been fraternizing with my computer. Nothing wanted to work the first time through, including spell check.

As I sat in the library wanting to strangle the computer's cords the weather decided it wanted to turn from a small drizzle of rain to a small snow storm.

At this point, I said "Okay, fine then. I'll finish this as quickly as possible and just trek around Salt Lake." Well the computer decided to fight with me until 3 p.m.. I made it to one, and only one gallery.

The gallery was pretty amazing, and the woman at the front desk seemed very friendly. So I picked up an application for the A Gallery. I will fill it out this week and go back next weekend.

The next day I found that it was a good thing I didn't make it up the hill. At midnight I went to move my car for the neighbors and it died. Sunday I took it to Pep boys and found out I need a new fuel pump. I also found out a couple other things:
  • Fuel pumps are expensive
  • Pep boys rip people off
I couldn't afford to have them install a new pump for 8hundred-and-some-odd dollars. So in the end I paid them 130+. I paid for a tow there, for them to tell me what is wrong with the car ($90!) and a tow home. Needless to say I'm car-less and broke.

Working for Art
Other then looking for a gallery who would love to have me around, I've been scanning some negatives and working on my art.

I got the film back from Borge that I shot in San Diego. There are some great shots and I thought I would share some.

Toes in the Sand

The World is a Bubble

Life is a Beach

I haven't finished working on all of the photos but these are my favorite so far.

Along with working on these and some new works I was contacted by the school paper about my pieces in the student show. The reporter said I'm one of her main focuses. I'm excited to see what she has written.

When the paper is posted online I'll link back to it here.

Looking for Work This Weekend and Next
This weekend I will be taking the bus all around down town Salt Lake City going from gallery to gallery. So, if you see me out there wave and wish me luck.

I will also be meeting with Erin Lander the Exhibition Director of the Kimball Art Center next weekend for lunch. She signed up to "Take a Griffin out to Lunch." The gist is she is a graduate of Westminster and she has offered to let me ask her about what she does and the art gallery business. I'm excited to talk shop with her.

She offered to show me around the gallery, but sadly I have no way of getting up the hill, so she was nice enough to offer to come down to Salt Lake. Hopefully I will gain some wise knowledge about what galleries look for in someone they are thinking about hiring.

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